The competitions


Maze Solver            The Blue Riband event - solve the maze and run fast.


Wall Follower          Non-Contact wall-following in the micromouse maze.

                                    Contact category is for JUNIOR competitors only.

                                   (Schools and other under 18)


Time Trials              A performance test in the micromouse maze.


Drag Race               Santa Pod style drag racing down a 7 metre track.

                                   (NEW RULES for 2013 - change of line width)


Line Follower         Twist and turn around the circuit follwing the line.


Mini-SUMO              Push your opponent out of the dojo.


SCHOOLS competitions


Wherever possible Schools will run alongside other competitors, however Schools placings, certificates and prizes will be distinct from other competitors.


The rules for Drag Race, Wall Follower and Line Follower are the same for all entrants.




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