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UK Micromouse 2011

Birmingham TechFest                  

Saturday 25th June


 Why TechFest?


UK Micromouse 2010 and  ROBOtic 2010

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UK Micromouse news


St. Josephs Institution from Singapore has been with us in 2008,2010 and is returning for 2011. Micromouse has been a big thing in Singapore for 20 years. The idea of introducing the Micromouse to schools and junior colleges was put forward to science teachers and principals at a seminar in March 1990. This followed a recommendation in the National Automation Master Plan to inculcate an automation culture in the younger generation. Soon after, 24 schools and junior colleges formed their own Micromouse clubs with the assistance of the Electronic Engineering Department of NgEE Ann Polytechnic. One year after the seminar, the First Singapore Inter-School Micromouse Contest was organised and held in the Polytechnic.

NgEE Ann Polytechnic's Alpha Centre organises the annual Singapore Inter-School Micromouse Competition which draws participation from the Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges and Institutes of Technical Education.

A team from the Mechatronics Research Laboratory at Qazvin Islamic Azad University is also hoping to attend. We have had a couple of teams from Iran in past years.
















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