Royal Holloway University of London

Micromouse for Schools at Manchester Metropolitan University


The Robotics and Intelligent Systems SIG

                                              formerly known as

                         Midlands Micromouse and Robotics Club

Faculty of Technology, Engineering and the Environment

Birmingham City University

Millennium Point

Birmingham B4 7XG


Club meetings for 2012


Monday 9th January

Monday 6th February

Monday 5th March




The Midlands Micromouse and Robotics Club has been running since November 2004. It was set up to enable individuals interested in Micromouse to meet, exchange ideas, and generally support each other.


Use the above forum to exchange ideas, post photos, ask questions on a wide range of topics: electronics, software, embedded systems, mechanical design etc etc.

The club normally runs first Monday of the Month, but jitters occasionally by a week or so. We have access to mazes, a project lab, and a presentation room with data projector.

The nominal time is 17.30 - 20.30, although generally you may arrive earlier than this if you want more time on the maze - confirm first by email or phone.


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